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Prohibited Items List

Allowed Prohibited Depend on situation
No. Symbol Categories Details Examples Remarks
1. Any form of liquids Soda, drinks, etc Burning liquids are not allowed(with terms and conditions)
2. All firearms, weaponry, their parts or ammunition Gunpowder, bullets, firearms, etc Not allowed
3. Drugs, narcotics, paraphernalia Syringe Not allowed
4. National classified documents and statutory original official documents(excluding road tax) Identity cards,passports, birth certificates Road tax can be shipped by both land and air freight
5. All types of currency Coins, bank notes(cash), gold coins, credit cards and traveller's cheques Not allowed
6. Precious historical relics/cultural artifacts and property Historical portrait, ceramics, jade, carvings Not allowed
7. Articles' packaging that endangers health, safety and environment or damage other goods Electronic Appliances Battery, mobile phone with built-in battery etc Required SIRIM, CIPL, DELIVERY ORDER
Commercial Mosquito Repellents Have to meet the requirement
Sprays containing high pressure gas inside Hair sprays, mosquito, oil spray etc Have to meet the requirement
Amulets Thai Amulets etc
8. Prohibited goods for shipping by international or within countries Tobaccos and alcohols Various brands of tobaccos, alcoholic drinks and cigarettes Not allowed
9. All animals and plants Rare animals and their products such as eggs, larvae, ivory Not allowed
10. Animals and body organs Cremation ashes Not allowed
11. Pornographic or obscene publications etc Not allowed
12. Pirated and counterfeit goods including CD, VCD and DVD Pirated CDs, VCDs and DVDs, counterfeit products include: bags, shoes, clothes and etc Pirated and counterfeit goods including CDs, VCDs and DVDs related to the sexual and region are not allowed
13. Jewellery, gold, antiques and precious stones Clothes/handbag with jewellery decorations have to present the value of the item, not allowed to ship if the value is more than RM 100
14. Detachable lithium ion batteries Allowed to ship of the battery is detachable
15. Perishable goods Odor and frozen items Durians, ikan masin, sos ikan masin, any frozen foods, etc Not allowed
Plants Vegetables, fruits, durians, plants, saplings, etc Not allowed
Perishable foods Bread, kimchi, meat, etc Pickled products with vacuum packaging is allowed
16. Miscellaneous items Home-made Mosquito Coils Allowed to ship but have to declare the purpose
Condoms and other daily neccessities
Controlled knives Chainsaws, kitchen cutters, etc Requires a complete commercial packaging
Dried food Dried fruits, snacks, biscuits, etc
Canned and bottled foods Canned sardines, jams, etc Be aware of commercial labels and ingredients
Prosthesis Should remark on the Air Way Bill
Fragile Glass plates, cups, etc Must be well packaged, gap is not allowed
Mercury products Thermometer, mobile phone SIM card, etc Liquids/electromagnetic thermometer are not allowed
Medicine Cold Medicine, etc Health supplements need to be marked on the Air Way Bill as 'Supplement'
Cosmetic Make-up powder, lipsticks, etc Allowed to ship but have to declare the purpose
Key Home keys, car keys, etc If there is an electronic button parts, batteries need to be extracted and sharp parts need to be wrapped to avoid scratch on the packaging
Cult/publications inciting hatred Not allowed
17. Over-sized & over-weight parcels Household appliances Refrigerator, TV, Computer, Oven, Microwave etc Allowed to ship but cannot exceed dimension requirements(with terms and conditions)
Building materials Fertilizer(contains inflammable: sulphur, sand, lime etc) Allowed to ship but have to declare the purpose
Car accessories Tire trims, car bumpers etc Allowed to ship but cannot exceed dimension requirements(with terms and conditions