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Sea Freight Charges - Private Shipping

Private Shipping Calculation - CBM/M3

LCL Cargo is Less than Container Load. A term used to describe the transportation of small ocean freight shipments not requiring the full capacity of an ocean container – Usually less than 20 CBM (cubic meters). A freight forwarder may create a “Consolidation” by putting together multiple LCL shipments。




0.50-3m3 RM500.00 / m3 RM15.00 / each
3.05-5m3 RM490.00 / m3 RM15.00 / each
5.05-10m3 RM480.00 / m3 RM15.00 / each
>= 10.05m3 RM470.00 / m3 RM15.00 / each
Delivery Time 16-21 Working days,outskirt area more 7-10 Working days



0.50-3m3 RM550.00 / m3 RM15.00 / each
3.05-5m3 RM540.00 / m3 RM15.00 / each
5.05-10m3 RM530.00 / m3 RM15.00 / each
>= 10.05m3 RM520.00 / m3 RM15.00 / each
Delivery Time 16-21 Working days,outskirt area more 7-10 Working days





>= 1m3 RM710.00 / m3 RM15.00 / each
Delivery Time 21-35 Working days, outskirt area more 7-10 Working days



>= 1m3 RM760.00 / m3 RM15.00 / each
Delivery Time 21-35 Working days, outskirt area more 7-10 Working days





>= 1m3 RM770.00 / m3 RM15.00 / each
Delivery Time 21-35 Working days, outskirt area more 7-10 Working days



>= 1m3 RM820.00 / m3 RM15.00 / each
Delivery Time 21-35 Working days, outskirt area more 7-10 Working days





>= 1m3 RM670.00 / m3 RM15.00 / each
Delivery Time 21-35 Working days, outskirt area more 7-10 Working days



>= 1m3 RM720.00 / m3 RM15.00 / each
Delivery Time 21-35 Working days, outskirt area more 7-10 Working days

Shipping length over 20 feet will be subject to further notice. Additional transportation fee will be charged.

All order(s) will be quoted according to the latest price list.

*Extra RM 50/m3 will be charged for shipping to Pahang / Kelantan / Terengganu

*Extra RM20/m3 will be charged for shipping to West Malaysia KK-TAWAU/KK-SANDAKAN/KK-LAHAD DATU

Attention: Shipping face masks by using Private Sea Freight, extra charges will be applied for RM120/m3

For shipping to West Malaysia: each parcel size over 400cm or 150cm x 150cm or more than 500kg will be charged additional.

For shipping to East Malaysia: each parcel size more than 100kg or any oversized overweight parcel required to contact customer service before shipping.

Attention: If the size and weight exceed the requirement mentioned above, please contact our customer service to arrange to send it to another warehouse address to avoid extra charges.

Private Shipping

Regular Goods / Sensitive Goods


Private Shipping Calculation - CBM/M3 (0.05 unit cubic meters)

Standard】 Cubic () is calculated as:

(high cm x width cm x length cm) / 1,000,000 = x.xxcubic ()



154cm x 182cm x 45cm    =    1.3m³


Calculated freight will be charged at 1.3m³

Private Shipping can support 500kg per cubic meter ()

Heavy】 Every 500kg = 1m³



Example: Cargo volume: 1.2m³ Weight: 1,200kg

1,200kg    =    2.4m³


Calculated freight will be charged at 2.4m³

Private Shipping Tax & Customs Clearance Service Included

Private shipping service included customs clearance & tax (door to door service), so please truthfully declare the goods name and the declared price when placing the order. No need to worry about import tax, consumption tax and other customs issues.

Regular Goods and Sensitive Goods

Two types of goods: “Regular goods” and “Sensitive goods”. Regular goods and Sensitive goods are used to distinguish inspection when exporting to other countries in China. If the sensitive goods are shipped using the Regular cargo, Inspection will not be able to pass or customs will be confiscated. You must choose right way or consult customer service before ordering to avoid loss.


Regular goods

clothing, shoes, furniture, maternal and child supplies, sporting goods, magnet-free goods, books, electrical appliances(without battery)

Sensitive goods

ceramics, toilets, marble electric cars, ATVs, coin machines, doll machines (special charges RM80/cbm) , liquid / powder, cosmetics, food, beverages , chemistry, perfume, nutrition/health products, pesticides, tires, face mask, (all branded products, customs filling sensitive customs clearance), medical products

Prohibited Goods

tobacco, explosive objects, dangerous goods, animals, tobacco, drugs, air-conditioning refrigerants, alcohol, rice, plants, logs, white powder, power bank, pure battery, lithium battery, medicine, high pressure gas(spray), toy guns, perfume

Attention: If you want to ship a large number of batteries, please contact to our customer service first

Private shipping timeliness and delivery

Private shipping process from loading to customs - customs → sailing → customs clearance → arrival → delivery → warehousing → remote areas need more 7 day.

* Reminder: If there are customs investigations, weather effects, uncontrollable factors, will lead to time-varying deviations.

* Extra charge for trucks that cannot be transported to the island or some remote areas. Some remote areas can be confirmed by consulting customer service.


The areas that cannot be delivered are as follows:

West Malaysia: Cameron Highland, Genting Highland, Pulau Langkawi, Pulau Pangkor, Bekok

East Malaysia: Area No listed in price list all can not be able to deliver

Important notice for Private Sea Freight

  • The minimum charge for private shipping in West Malaysia is 0.50 cubic meters.
  • 1m³ allow maximum weight of 500kg
  • Package weight and volume calculations will be based on warehouse measurements as the final standard.
  • When the customer receives the goods, the difference of 1cm is normal. Because the handling process squeezes the collision, the box will inevitably change.
  • Private shipping is charge after shipped, and it needs to be confirmed before the order is placed. Once shipped, it cannot be replaced to Air Freight.
  • If the fragile goods or the easily crushed goods, long items are damaged or burst during transportation, this case will not be able to apply for compensation. Therefore, the fragile goods and the goods that are easily crushed should be packaged well or using wooden frame/wooden box.
  • Note: Glass and mirrors are not accepted for shipment. If the customer insists to ship, he/she needs to bear the risk by own (protection layer such as wooden racking is required)
  • Goods are delivered to ground floor, please communicate with the driver if you need help to move your parcel upstairs.
  • We do not provide Forklift for lifting heavy items for unloading.If the customer buys a single item or a large item of more than 100KG, he needs to bring his own forklift and human unloading, and the driver only assists in unloading.
  • When the actual weight cube is larger than the volume, we will use the weight/500 as the unit of 1 cubic. *Once the delivery is confirmed,recipient unable to receive, the second delivery cost will be borne by the recipient.
  • Note: In the rainy season, please make sure to prepare water-proof packaging before shipping in order to avoid damage to the goods during the transfer process, if have any damage of the goods no compensation cannot be applied.
  • The goods confiscated by the customs is can not apply for compensation.
  • Additional charge for packing with sack(RM4/each), box(RM5/each).
  • If the goods are lost, they will be compensated according to 30% of declaration price of the goods. (Only for goods which are lost, exclude goods are damaged or customs confiscation) For safety reasons, it is recommended to purchase insurance and apply for full compensation (freight charges is non-refundable). Insurance premium is calculated at 3.5% of the value of the goods. For imitation brand and all branded item not insured are not eligible for claims of compensation.
  • Before received the parcel, you need to check that the parcel is in good condition. If you find that the parcel is unusual, please indicate the problem on the consignment slip, photo taken, parcel weighed and submit to our customer service within 48 hours.
  • Each parcel provided with free storage service up to 60 days. After the deadline, it will be charged RM 1 / day for each parcel, maximum up to 30 days, only allow to be stored up to 90 days. Expired parcel will be destroyed without notice.
  • For high value items, please seek for customer service assistance.
  • Removed Outside and Inside Packaging not available.
  • Kindly Reminder: Dear customers must ask customer service if they don't understand any problem. If the customer doesn't ask or confirm with us about the wrong channel or service, our company will not be responsible for it. Our website also has a detailed list, please read it, thank you!