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Air Freight Charges

China - Singapore



1-3kg RM25.50 / kg
4-10kg RM16.50 / kg
>= 11kg RM15.00 / kg
Delivery Time 3-5 Working days



1-3kg RM29.00 / kg
4-10kg RM21.00 / kg
>= 11kg RM19.00 / kg
Delivery Time 5-7 Working days

Full Dimensional Weight

Shipment's weight determine by comparing actual weight and Dimensional Weight, charge whichever is higher.

Dimensional Weight is calculated after the shipment is packaged using formula (Height x Width x Length)cm ÷ 6000

If too much parcel(s) which is unable to pack together, will have to pack separately. Total charges based on total summary of each package.



Parcel A

Example:Parcel A, Actual Weight is 4kg


40cm x 40cm x 30cm    =    8kg Dimensional Weight


Free Dimensional Weight calculation: 4kg

Half-Dimensional Weight calculation: (4kg + 8kg) ÷ 2 = 6kg

Regular Goods / Sensitive Goods

Shipment's determine by Regular Goods / Sensitive Goods


If sensitive goods is incorrectly placed order on the regular goods session causes failed clearance, detention or confiscation, users are required to bear the cost of clearance for sensitive goods. The confiscated item is not redeemable. If the parcel is confiscated, we will not answer for any loss, and the shipping fee will not be return. Our company will not take any responsible regarding the cost and clearance issue caused by the incorrect way.


Should you have any confusion in choosing the appropriate way, please contact our customer service.


Sensitive Goods

Toys, high value goods, jewelry, liquid, powder, food, tea, magnetic objects, electrical appliances, sharp objects, small particles, books, wooden frame, wooden box package, (wood)cosmetics, lamp, bluetooth, pastes, soap, earphone, pencil

Prohibited Goods

Weapons, animals, plants, currency, flammables, high pressure gas (spray), dangerous goods, alcohol, rice, drugs, tobacco, white powder, toy gun, sex toys, imitation brand, genuine brand, international brand (brand registered by airline company), ice bag, bank card, batteries, power bank, CD, face mask, anti-epidemic supplies, drone, medicine, perfume and all IATA restricted items, etc.

Regular Goods

Generally, non-battery, liquid, powder, brand, magnet, spray, food, plant, electronics, books can be summarized as "Regular goods"

Extra long overweight surcharge

For packages with Each side greater than 70cm x 70cm or a single-sided size greater than 140cm, or a single shipment more than 67kg or volume weight more than 80kg, will charged RM80/pack.please contact our customer service for further assistance.

If the weight of a single shipment exceeds 200kg or the size exceeds 280cm x 100cm x 100cm, it must be contact our customer service before shipment.


When each package is in-stocked, we will update the weight of each package so that you may have more preferential channels to choose.

Normally, the warehouse will do packing with parcel bags at first. Unless, there are too many goods or parcel bags are too heavy, we will choose boxes to pack (the warehouse will only pack separately when the boxes or bags are full or the items cannot be packed together.)

Separate packaging by air freight is calculated based on the weight or volumetric weight of a single package.

If the original packaging of the goods is already packed in a box, the warehouse will not repack it even if the outer packaging is intact.


We received inquiries from customers frequently, such as: I add up the package to 2.5kg, and the weight has increased so much when it is packaged! So, we would like to share with you the respective weight and volume of the box.

Detail for the different weights of the boxes.


Boxes Dimension (cm) Net Weight (kg) Dimensions Weight (kg)
1 (Big) 50 x 42 x 37 0.8 13
2 (Medium) 54 x 32 x 35 0.7 11
3 (Small) 40 x 30 x 27 0.5 6


*The above data is for reference only, please refer to the actual package.

Warehouse packing picture for reference. We have designated express bags, boxes and sticky paper for air transportation. Please note when customers receive the goods:

The following pictures are not our packaging or have been opened and repackaged. Please pay attention when the customer receives the goods:

If the package has the mark of being opened and the label with such label proves that it has been opened and inspected by the customs or airline department, this is the baiyun anti-drug label:

Terms & Conditions

  • Air Freight start shipping from lowest 1kg (unit calculation method: 1.1kg , 1.2kg , 1.5kg in 2kg)
  • Shipment's weight determine by comparing actual weight and Dimensions Weight, charge whichever is higher.
  • The Actual weight and Dimensions Weight calculations will be based on the measurement of the warehouse as the final standard.
  • For Air freight is packaged, canceled and re-issued a single fee of RM5 wil be charged.
  • Additional charge for packing with sack(RM4/each).
  • Air Freight to Malaysia included customs clearance and delivery door to door service, Tax Not Included.
  • If the sender falsifies, the additional costs incurred for reporting the reasons, and refusal to pay taxes will be borne by the sender.
  • All sensitive goods are found to be returned, fined, and confiscated are not related to our company, the Air Freight Charges is not refundable (cost has been generated), if you need to reschedule the sensitive goods services, the sender needs to re-pay the freight charges again.
  • The above freight charges does not include destination tax, fines, other miscellaneous fees and return fees and damage fees caused by the recipient. If the above fees are refused by recipient, the cost will automatically transfer to the sender and the sender must be pay without any reason.
  • If the fragile goods or the easily crushed goods, long items are damaged or burst during transportation, this case will not be able to apply for compensation. Therefore, the fragile goods and the goods that are easily crushed should be packaged well or using wooden frame/wooden box.
  • Note: Glass and mirrors are not accepted for shipment. If the customer insists to ship, he/she needs to bear the risk by own (protection layer such as wooden racking is required)
  • Note: In the rainy season, please make sure to prepare water-proof packaging before shipping in order to avoid damage to the goods during the transfer process, if have any damage of the goods no compensation cannot be applied.
  • Any goods sampled or confiscated by the Customs will not be able to apply for compensation.
  • Weapons, animals, plants, currency, flammables, high pressure gas (spray), dangerous goods, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, white powder and all IATA restricted items are prohibited items.
  • If the goods are lost, they will be compensated according to 30% of declaration price of the goods. (Only for goods which are lost, exclude goods are damaged or customs confiscation) For safety reasons, it is recommended to purchase insurance and apply for full compensation (freight charges is non-refundable). Insurance premium is calculated at 3.5% of the value of the goods. For imitation brand and all branded item not insured are not eligible for claims of compensation.
  • If the goods are lost, they will be compensated according to 30% of declaration price of the goods. The maximum compensation amount not exceed USD 100.
  • Before received the parcel, you need to check that the parcel is in good condition. If you find that the parcel is unusual, please indicate the problem on the consignment slip, photo taken, parcel weighed and submit to our customer service within 48 hours.
  • Each parcel provided with free storage service up to 60 days. After the deadline, it will be charged RM 1 / day for each parcel, maximum up to 30 days, only allow to be stored up to 90 days. Expired parcel will be destroyed without notice.
  • For high value items, please seek for customer service assistance.
  • Kindly Reminder: Dear customers must ask customer service if they don't understand any problem. If the customer doesn't ask or confirm with us about the wrong channel or service, our company will not be responsible for it. Our website also has a detailed list, please read it, thank you!