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Our Strengths

12 Strengths of MII Express
1. Infrastructure
As a courier company, we believe that our service is to gratify the time bound need of your business. Well planned infrastructure is our greatest strengths. Our strength plays a major part in development in our business in terms of our strong technology.
2. Technology
With this Site we are putting MII Express at your fingertips, giving you total interactivity and freedom to explore our world and to interact with us as you need. It puts our capabilities in your hands and on your desktop. The web site , software ,hardwear is self mannaged and developed by our own IT TEAM ,which helps you to catch the latest up date on your shipment and latest development in our services and expansion in our network by our various tools designed by our people.
Our Tools are basically designed for
  • Track a Shipment
  • Location Finder
  • Transit Timer
  • Weight Calculator
  • Terms & Condition
  • Client Area
  • Disclaimers
  • Software in House
  • By these tools we hope we can try our level best to provide our best possible service.
    3. Reliability
    Very few courier companies in Malaysia can assert of zero error.MII Express is one of them. We have moved closer to achieving zero error status. This reputation for reliability is built over a period of time, through our continuous efforts.
    4. Value For Money
    Our expansive network offers you a non stop distribution service for all of your multiple Destination projects. Which aims at customized solutions by covering Transportation,Distribution,Wareshousing and Value added services.
    5. Long Hours Hotline Customer Service
    Standby for long hours to serves you at 016-787 1998 to ensure our customers’ parcels delivered on time. MII Express support team provides full assistance via online. If you have any questions on MII Express service or shipment enquiries, do reach us easily via email or talk to us in live chat for assistance. Our super agents are ready to help. See you on-line!
    6. Pick Up Service
    Provide speedy and efficient pick up services anywhere at coverage areas.
    7. User-Friendly Website and Application
    An efficient website for ordering and pick-up to make your life easier.
    8. Real-Time Tracking System
    Through website, customers can track down the parcels’ status at anytime, anywhere.
    9. Nationwide Coverage in Malaysia
    Full coverage of all cities and islands throughout Malaysia. The complete information of the cities and areas that covered by MII Express are indicated on site
    10. Multi-Platform Integrated Service for VIP Customers
    Provide various kind of services for our VIP customers to send parcels with an effective and easier way.
    11. Speedy Claim Service
    Offer extra coverage for additional claim, process of claim services are fast and efficient to provide safer assurance for our customers.
    12. Regular Price with Premium Service
    Provide the first-class premium service to our customers at a reasonable price rate.